Ida Bagus Made Lanus (1903–1980)

On the Bateson & Mead list. He had moved to Denpasar. Hohn lists him as born in 1903 (Hohn 1997: 88).

Ida Bagus Lanus (moved to Denpasar), worked with I Patera. (Noted from Bateson and Mead list). A picture by Ngendon in Bonnet collection dated 1933 lists Lanoes as assistant. First picture in coll. 6/36. Picture in 1938 is of better quality than early ones.

B135-103 Gusti Wayan

B135-104 Forest scene

B222 Scene: men fighting with spears.

B224 Story: (?) Two water fountains and dead people.

B225 Story: blind man goes to pedanda for cure. (I Bungkling)

B711.06 Story: Aji Darma discovers the lovers, Naga Gini and Ula Tampar.

Bathing Woman

Haks 407 Gusti Wayan?

Hanoman is Dancing on the head of Bhoma

Mourning for the murder of I Gusti Wayan (Tantri Narrative)