I Made Pica (1915–1946)

'Bali Berjuang' noted that Pica died unmarried, aged 31 during the Revolution, and lived in the same neighbourhood as I Sukarya. Alternative dates b. 1916, di. 1947.

Mead described Pica as another Soberat. As a leading figure of the Sanur School, he worked with Gusti Rundu and Pedanda Gede, both as an independent artist and as a colourer, in which capacity he was closely involved with the Neuhaus brothers.

09.1005 Counting Money

09.1092 Fishing

09.1107 Churning of the World Ocean


Haks 032

Haks 276

Haks 417

S800 Cockfight

S801 Haks 309 Gambling

S962 Haks 294 Graveyard scene with angel