I Wayan Punduh (1923–2010)

Ngendon's younger brother, and one of the artists who influenced his family members. First picture in Bateson-Mead collection 6/36 B285 is copy of Ngendon tiger picture. Only 2 pictures in the Bateson-Mead collection, but worked extensively after WWII.

Punduh's paintings are strongly suggestive of depth, which perhaps comes from his time as a student under Taweng. He frequently depicts fables and stories in his works (Hohn 1997: 112).  first picture in collection 6/36 B285 is copy of Ngendon tiger picture

A big tree is like a cow, dispenser of a lot of lifes

B284 Scene: children playing.

B285 Scene: wild animals in the jungle.

Bagawan Wrespati

Berangkat ke gunung Agung


Dibakarnya Rumah I Ngendon


Haks 487 Hunting scene

I Ngendon melukis


Manusa Yadnya

Ngendon Lewat di Pasar Sukawati setelah ditangkap

Palm Tree Cutting

Perang di Gunung Agung

Pertemuan Binatang (Tantri Narrative)

Tantri Singa Lembu

Tertangkapnya I Ngendon

Tertangkapnya Ida Bagus Djata Sura

The priest who is greedy for money (Tantri Narrative)