I Dewa Nyoman Dadug Kayuan (1917–1990)

Dadug was not interviewed by Bateson and Mead's assistant, Kaler, so less is known about his personal life. However, he was primarily a musician, and there is evidence that he had experience in cutting out and painting shadow puppets.  (H. Geertz 1994: 103)   Dadug is sometimes incorrectly transcribed as Dagug.

Seems to have only worked as a painter when Bateson and Mead were in Batuan.

B180 Performance: traveling masked show and gamblers.

B181 Story: Dewa Agung Klungkung and his son, Gusti Gde Gumijar of Mengwi.

B182 Story: Babad Dalem Gelgel.

B183 Story: the son of Prabu Jenggala who had the head of a water buffalo.

B184 Story: Prabu Astina.

B185 Story: the two boys born of a tiger and a cow, Sang Meng Raga and Sang Banteng Raga.

B186 Story: Sang Baruna pays homage to King Rama.

Haks 121

Haks 172