I Dewa Ketut Cenik (1926–1956)

Younger brother of Dewa Kompiang Sangkoer T estimates age in 1938 as 11 years old, wawoe oening ngangon, same age as I Debeg Ksatria Gianyar, poenkoesan Pasek (Jero Kajanan?) Father, Dewa Ktoet Njeleman, dead 4 years ago, Mother Desak from banjar Tengah, still alive. Siblings: 1. Dewa Kompiang Sangkoer (tukang gambar: see above) 2. Dewa Ketoet Meredah (tukang gambar) (Moerda?) 3. Dewa Ketoet Tjenik. poor, father was a gambler and sold base. MK interview: 1. has been painting about 2 years (so ones in collection are his first) Has no other work. No teacher. first worked with Dewa Ketoet (older brother? Moerda?) Has finished the work of another person, still does it. 2. Is making more pictures now than before. now works with Dewa Poetoe Kerera and Dewa Made Kakoel works at home of friend [djoemah timpalne - does the use of low term mean a commoner or dewa?, or is he just careless with his terms?] Usually works with others, daytimes or night. Gets his stories from memory or from friends, not from teacher or lontar. Thinks of story then makes picture. 3. Mostly sells in Sanoer to Tuan Ikan Used to sell to Tuan Ikan Is not in Pita Maha, did not try to be Has sold to Hubolt and to Neuhaus Has also sold on his own, has sold the work of others. 4. Has never been taught by a foreigner Has been to home of Tuan Sanoer, about half a year at home of Toean Bangsal. Has watched Tuan Meier painting in oils. 5. First picture was of someone herding ducks, sold by Ida Bagoes Rai. Thinks the first picture-makers in Batuan were Ngendon, Patera and Tomblos. first picture seen was by Togog Has watched Patera draw 6. Likes: in wayang, Bima, story, Ketut Kantrungan, performance, baris. In drawing likes to make alas-alasan, likes ngucek step. Has been a leyak - in the form of a monkey. But has never been possessed. Would dare most on the list. Would not dare to go to Surabaya, etc. 7. Has never stayed outside Batuan 8. Has been to: Hubolt, toko Ikan, Meier, inside Bali Hotel, to movie. Has not been to: Museum, Spies, Bonnet, LeMayeur, Mershon, Bulelelng, Kerta Ghsa, Besakih, Batukau, hospital.

Co-artist of picture in Bateson-Mead, collection - Dewa Poetoe Kerero first picture in collection, 4/8/37 - all crude except one at end, Prabu Landean. 2/39

B257 Sorcery: men fighting a demon.

B365 Story: the holy man killed by the tiger.

B551 Story: I Papaka and the Monkey.

B552 Scene: Hunting coconut-squirrels.

B554 Story: I Ketut Kantrungan.

B555 Story: (?) I Ketut Kantrungan?

B556 Story: I Ketut Kantrungan.

B557 Story: I Ketut Kantrungan.

B558 Story: I Ketut Kantrungan.

B559 Story: Sang Landean.