AMNH 70.3/4192 Bubuksah

I Nyoman Ngendon (1903 - 1914–1948)

Date painted: 1937-10-4

This painting is a parable of the two alternatives forms of meditation, that taken by the Siwa-worshipping Gagak Aking, who performs asceticism and withdraws from the world, and that performed by his brother, Bubuksah, a follower of Tantric Buddhism, who eats everything and indulges the sense. When a tiger comes to fly them to heaven, it is Bubuksah whom it invites to ride on the back, and Gagak Aking has to grab the tail as the breast flies up.

"man riding a leaping tiger, holding a second man by the hand"

50 by 60 cm
ink on paper

Collection of the American Museum of Natural History

Depicts: Bubuksah

Previously in the Bateson and Mead Collection

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