AM E074182 Sutasoma

Mangku Mura (1920–1999)

Sutasoma: the naga attempts to swallow Sutasoma

At the end of the Sutasoma as known in Kamasan Sutasoma voluntarily offers himself to Betara Kala to absolve Purasada of his obligations to Kala. S. has triumphed over all his attackers and converted them all to non violence even the cannibal Purasada. They are all present in this final scene. Kala (seen at the bottom right with Delem and Sangut) transforms himself into a snake and attempts to swallow Sutasoma but cannot manage it, Sutasoma is stuck and until Kala renounces his agression he cannot either swallow or regurgitate him. The onlookers are: top left: Dasabau and Purasada; next row: unnamed Detia fugitive and Sutasoma's father; next row: Morda and Twalen and under them the tiger. Above Betara Kala are Begawan Kei'sawa and Gadjah Waktra, there should be a snake (?naga) as well but it is usually left out to avoid confusion [ref LC]

87 by 67 cm
On European cloth [ref reg]

Painted at: Kamasan village

Collection of the Australian Museum

Previously in the Anthony Forge Collection

Depicts: Sutasoma