AM E074186

Kak Lui (1850-1860?–1930?)

European cloth, ink [ref reg]

At the bottom left, Laksama finds Rama, who expresses deep emotion on realising that Sita has been left alone. To the right, separated by a tree that looks like an overgrown flower, Rawana abducts Sita. In the top half of the painting, Jatayu intercepts Rawana who reaches for his kris while keeping Sita trapped in his other arm. The major iconographic innovation is the total absence of parekan. In all traditional versions of this scene (or any other from the Ramayana), Twalen and Morda would accompany Rama, and Delem and Sangut would accompany Rawana. [ref Anthony Forge, Balinese Traditional Paintings- in NARRATIVES]

88 by 85 cm

Collection of the Australian Museum

Previously in the Anthony Forge Collection

Depicts: Ramayana

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