AM E074210

Kak Lui (1850-1860?–1930?)

On Balinese cloth [ref reg], thin Balinese cloth [ref LC]

Story of a man with 3 witch wives, Reads L > R [ref reg]; 10 scenes - Aji Darma a wandering king meets the three princesses of Malaya living alone in the jungle (Scene 1). He has marries (sic) each in turn (Scenes 2,3 and 4). One night overcome by cannibal longings they leave their sleeping husband (Scene 5) and go to eat corpses in the graveyard for which they become leyak. (Scene 6). Aji Darma however suspects and as a dog goes to the graveyard and collects pieces of flesh from their feast (Scene 6) which he conceals in their beds. Realising that he knows their secret they are ashamed and deciding not to kill him on the grounds that it is bad form for wives to kill their husbands, they change him into a bird by slipping a magic inscribed piece of palm leaf into his hair while delousing him (Scene 7). He is transformed into a white teal? seen flying through the mountain border between Scenes 7 and 8, a nice touch. The bird is caught by a pesant in a swamp (Scene 8) and presented by him to the Demang junior minister of the kingdom (Scene 9). The talking teal is of great service to the Demang making him rich and in the case alluded to in the final scene (scene 10) winning him promotion to the rank of Patih. The story concerns a Raksasa who, while a Pedanda is out, assumes his form and so gains access to his wife, after a spot of alternation, the two identical pedandas confront one another and the wife cannot say which is her real husband so the case comes to court and the Demang advised by the bird solves the problem [ref LC]

450 by 26 cm

Collection of the Australian Museum

Previously in the Anthony Forge Collection

Depicts: Tantri

photo: Emma Furno

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