AM E076401 Swargarohanaparwa

Mangku Mura (1920–1999)

Death of the Pandawas

There are two scenes. 1. The lower of the two scenes depicts a conversation between the five Pandawa brothers. On the left of the central tree we see Bima and Nakula and Sahadewa standing and sitting beside him. The two parekan Twalen and Mredah are seated in the lower left hand corner of the painting. On the other side of the tree stand Yudhistira and Arjuna ?? Beside them are two female attendants and in front of the latter Yudistira’s dog. 2. Then in the upper scene we see the god, Yama, standing in the centre talking to Yudistira to his left. Yudistira refuses to go to heaven unless the dog can join him there. Yama agrees. Arjuna lies dead on the ground beside him and Yudhistira’s dog sits gazing up at Yama. Bima, Nakula and Sahadewa lie dead on the ground on the other side of the tree [ref PW 2005]

64 by 50 cm
Ink drawing on cotton cloth [ref reg]

Collection of the Australian Museum

Previously in the Anthony Forge Collection