AM E076406 Ramayana

Mangku Mura (1920–1999)

Date painted: 1977

Death of Rawana, and Rama's advice to Wibhisana

Note the inscriptions are citations from the kakawin Ramayana. The inscription in the upper left hand corner of the painting, following a reference to the Ramayana, cites Sarga 24.81-83 from the Ramayana. The inscription in the upper right hand corner of the painting is in a different more and strangely ornate handwriting. It also quotes verses 24.81-82. The painting contains only one scene. On either side of a central tree engaged in conversation are on the left Laksamana and on the right Rama, Sita and Sugriwa ? Behind Laksamana stand two monkeys, one of them the white monkey, Hanuman. Lying on the ground between the two is the corpse of Rawana and on either side of it four parekan, Delem and Sangut on the left as we view the painting and Twalen and Mredah on the right. Delem and Sangut sit together with another princely figure. This is in all likelihood Wibhisana, Rawana’s brother and future ruler of Lengka. These three make a gesture of obeisance to the dead ruler of Lengka. The inscriptions indicate that Rama is advising Wibhisana on his future conduct as a ruler [ref PW 2005]

52 by 36 cm
Ink drawing on cotton cloth [ref reg]

Collection of the Australian Museum

Previously in the Anthony Forge Collection

Depicts: Ramayana

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