This function reads CSV data and updates specified fields in records designated by their Heurist record IDs.
The CSV structure is: Record ID, Internal field code, Value to be inserted

5,365,"Sydney Opera House"
etc ...

The internal field codes are shown on the left of the Field Types listing in database administration- see Field types

Values supplied are added to any existing values for the field. Multiple values can be separated by | (pipe) characters.
Values for record pointer fields should be the id of the record to which the pointer points.
Geographic data are represented as a geographic type identifier plus OpenGIS WKT data, eg. p:POINT(134.657 32.326)
Geographic type identifiers are: p:POINT for point, r:POLYGON for rectangle, c:LINESTRING for circle, pl:POLYGON for polygon, l:LINESTRING for polyline

Tip: To rapidly update a subset of records, use the delimited export function with a query string, select the field to be updated, and check the box "Include internal field code in column preceding values". This will output the record IDs and field code, allowing values to be added to the end of each row of data and imported using this function.

Paste CSV file in the box below and click Analyse

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