BMRI data analysis

This project is aimed at supporting new and existing multidisciplinary research, specifically in the areas of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity clinical research. The integration of research image scans and clinical data overlaid with analytical tools will foster research not previously possible. The project will also directly transfer benefits of research to the clinical domain. Findings from research scans will be returned to referring clinicians, providing additional diagnostic support.

The project aligns with initiatives within a range of government portfolios, including Health and Ageing and Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.

This project will support the existing research activities of the Youth Mental Health Research Program and the Healthy Brain Ageing Program. The University recognises the value to current and future research of developing services for integrating clinical and research data with analytical tools.


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Date Update
23 April 2012

The project team is currently working with the primary stakeholders to identify high level requirements.