Managed print service

In 2009, the University conducted an audit of all imaging and copy devices on campus including: copiers, faxes, printers, etc. The results of the audit demonstrated that the University could save up to $11 million over five years by centralising print services and by rationalising the current fleet of copiers.

The key aims of this initiative are to:

  • Give appropriate imaging and copy device options to University users
  • Introduce improvements in processes and systems related to imaging and copy devices
  • Minimise environmental impact of the current device inventory and their usage
  • Pursue savings opportunities identified in a 2009 audit

The project also aims to implement ‘Follow Me’ printing - which will enable students and staff to send their documents to a central print server and then print them from any nominated device using their staff or student card. For example; a student could send notes to a printer anywhere on campus and then print them out when they arrive.

In 2011, the contract was awarded to CSG Enterprise Print Services. With over 20 years experience, they are an Australian owned ICT services and consulting company offering end to end technology solutions and services.

In Semester One, CSG will commence management of the University Library student print services and Student Labs.


For further information on the Managed print service project, please contact the Business Project Manager, or ICT Project Manager, .


Date Update
10 April 2012 CSG have begun their pilot in both ICT and Finance. CSG will conduct post implementation reviews and make a recommendation to the Senior Executive Group before proceeding with full implementation.