New email anti-spam system

The new email anti-spam project is focussed on strengthening the University network against unsolicited and virus email.

The previous email product is being replaced with a new product that allows us to analyse both incoming and outgoing mail. Previously, only inbound mail was checked and this led to a number of University email addresses being used to send out spam email. This caused a number of external companies to blacklist the University email servers.

The new solution, Spam Manager, will discard messages that contain SPAM before they reach the University network and will allow for much greater protection for both staff and students.

This project is expected to be completed by June 2012 with the retirement of Sophos.


For further information on the new email anti-spam project, please contact the Project Manager,


Date Update
2 April 2012 90% of University bound email is now migrated to the new MessageLabs system.