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Supporting the fight against infectious diseases
By supporting the Sydney Institute for Infectious Diseases you are helping to sustain multidisciplinary research combating new and emerging infectious diseases.

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New and emerging infectious diseases and antibiotic resistant infections are major causes of death, severe illness, social disruption and economic hardship, especially in developing countries, but Australia is not immune and there are many deaths from preventable infections every day, both within our hospitals and in the community.

You can help our dedicated researchers and clinicians to win the fight against emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases and hence improve the health and well-being of all, in Australia, the Asia-Pacific and elsewhere.

Donations over $2 to the Institute are tax deductible and support research, education of students, professionals and the public and assist to build the capacity to prevent, detect and control emerging infectious diseases.

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We offer two membership categories based on your interests and research/industry ties. 

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We welcome your enquiries and questions about donations.