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In my room with Carmen Ip

30 June 2019
In this first instalment of “in my room”, Ka Man (Carmen) Ip shares with us some of her personal possessions – items which make her IH room feel like home.

Appropriately for a student of veterinary biology, an animal theme connects many of her treasured objects; reminders of home in Hong Kong and life before moving to Sydney.

In my room

  • Deedee

    This was a parting gift from my parents when I moved to Sydney. Whenever I study back at home in Hong Kong, my dog Deedee always sleeps beside me. She’s really chubby and she literally looks like this when she sleeps. So, when I’m here in Sydney, I don’t have to miss having her with me as well. I also have a shirt with my dog’s face on it, which was a birthday gift.
  • Postcard wall

    The postcards are from my family and primary school friends. There are also photos from various trips I’ve taken, including to New York and Iceland. It’s a nice reminder of the people who are close to me, and a friendly distraction when I’m studying at my desk. The Pusheen cat post-it-note is from Toby, a resident and CRA at International House, who drew it for me.
  • Anatomical sketch

    This is a sketch of my dog in anatomical terms, which I had to learn as part of my vet science studies.
  • Essential oils

    These are essential oils my mum sent me. The red one is for allergies, and the green one is for stress. Obviously uni is stressful, so I put a few drops of stress oil on my pillow before I sleep. It’s a nice smell and a good way to start the day.
  • Good luck token

    My dad bought this for me when he was in Taiwan. I don’t think we have them in Hong Kong. They’re quite popular in Asian cultures, and there are various ones for health, friendship and relationships. A couple of other residents also keep them in their rooms.