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College room with fairy lights and bed

In my room with Aashna Sethi

17 December 2019
Precious gifts and photos from friends around the world are some of the prized possessions in Master of Commerce student Aashna Sethi's room.

Spending her time between full-time studies, retail work, and managing the International House social media pages, Aashna's room reflects her personality: warm, extroverted and welcoming.

In my room

  • African hand-painted artwork

    African hand-painted artwork

    I bought this at the SUIHAA charity night this year. I loved it from the moment I saw it. My mum was born in Nairobi, Kenya and she has similar artworks in our house, so it reminds me of home. I also think the colours are very bright and vibrant and it contrasts well against the white wall of my room. I feel happy every time I look at it.
  • Photo montage on wall of room

    Heart photo wall

    I moved to England from Delhi when I was 17, and since then I have tried to capture as many moments as possible. These photos represent my memories over the years with friends and family from Sydney, Delhi and Leeds. It took me three days to create the heart shape, but I was very persistent because it meant a lot to me, especially being away from some of my friends. Directly above the heart is a dreamcatcher, which my best friend from England, Minal, gave me as a good luck charm when I moved to Sydney. It reminds me to pursue my dreams.
  • Tibetan prayer flag

    Tibetan prayer flag

    This was a gift from one of my best friends and fellow resident Udai Rathore. He told me to make sure the flag catches the wind because the wind is meant to bring good fortune and positive vibes, so I placed it next to my window. The chant on the flags says "Om, Ma, Ni, Padma, Hum" and the flags together symbolise balance. Blue represents the sky, white represents the air, red symbolises fire, green stands for water, and yellow symbolises the earth.
  • Black scrapbook with photos and handwritten messages

    Birthday scrapbook

    This is one of the most special birthday gifts I’ve ever received. It is very sentimental because it has messages from all my friends in the house while reminding me of my IH friends currently on exchange. This gift always puts a smile on my face.