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Student support

Adjusting to university life, especially in a new country, can be difficult
Our support systems have been developed over the past 50 years with a focus on getting you settled into life on campus and helping you during your studies.

A glimpse of our workshops and events

You’ll spend your first week taking part in our welcome week program, which is designed to help you have fun, meet friends and access vital information about living at the most diverse community on campus. After a few meals in our dining room, you’ll find the most difficult part is simply remembering the names of all the people you’re meeting!

Our programs

Leadership is about understanding how people work together. This is now an essential requirement for today's workplace. It's also something you won't get from your degree alone.

By choosing your own pathway that fits in with your studies, you'll access exclusive course content, gain real learning experiences, and engage with world-class experts.

Specially-tailored for International House residents, the Global Leadership Program is your key to a systemic, sustainable, and culturally competent understanding of leadership.

Semester 2 2020 GLP

The Global Leadership Program is now open to semester 1 residents

International House’s signature Global Leadership Program is available to all residents free of charge.

Choose your own pathway that fits in with your studies, access exclusive course content, gain real learning experiences, and engage with world-class experts.

What do I receive when I finish the program?

You will receive a certificate signed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education). And if you complete a project or role-based opportunity, you will also receive a personalised recommendation on LinkedIn.

Participation requirements

To complete the Global Leadership Program, you need to attain a minimum of 100 points. These points can be attained in a minimum of 1 semester, and a maximum of 2 semesters (1 year). Completing the GLP takes approx. 10hrs of your time.

Compulsory Credit points attainable
Core online activities 60 (in total)
Leadership talks series (2 per semester) 15 (per talk)
Role-based opportunities 30 (50 for IHMA executive roles)
Project-based oppotunities (see examples below)  
Hosting a faculty dinner 15
Undertaking a Davis Project for Peace event 50
Undertaking a Cormack-Rowlands Award project 40
Hosting a community event (e.g floor party) 15

Complimentary academic support is available for most subjects at the University. Tutoring takes place on a weekly basis and is conducted by senior residents or external tutors who have achieved excellent results in their fields of study.

Held prior to the start of the study period, our Welcome Week program is your chance to focus on getting to know new places and new friends.

We take pride in the reputation of International House as a safe and inclusive environment, and hold three compulsory workshops (Orientation Program, Cross-Cultural Communication, and Race and Racism) to get new residents up to speed with house policies and behavioural expectations.

Welcome Week workshops

  • First Aid Course, Wednesday 19 Feb, 9am-5pm (register now)
  • Time Management Workshop, Thursday 20 Feb, 10-11am, Board Room (register now)
  • Mental Health First Aid, Saturday 29 Feb - Sunday 1 March, 9am-5pm both days (register now)

Our wellbeing studio is a versatile space equipped with a large wall mirror, yoga mats, weights and various gym equipment. The studio is open between 9am-11pm, and residents are encouraged to use it for exercise, dance practice and fitness classes.

International House partners with Sydney University Sport & Fitness to provide residents with a free membership which includes access to an indoor heated pool and court hire.

International House Members Association (IHMA) has represented the interests of residents in the house since its inception in 1967. We organise a multitude of social and cultural events and activities throughout the year, aiming to encourage interaction and community spirit amon residents. As a student representative body, IHMA also takes feedback from residents about any concerns which they may have about life at the house.

One of the best things about living in International House is the day-to-day interaction with students from all over the world, so why not utilise that access and learn another language! 

Whether you're a beginner, know the basics but need help mastering local slang, want to prepare for study aboard or just want home with your language homework, the ‘Bilingual Buddies’ language exchange program is for you!  

You'll meet with a language buddy for an hour a week and you'll spend half of the time speaking your native language and the other half in your partner's native language.

The Bilingual Buddies program will not only help you learn a new language, it will also give you the opportunity to develop language-teaching skills and make new friends! 

The global leadership program at IH was one of the things that helped me secure a travel grant sponsored by the University of Sydney to attend the United Nations Youth Assembly held each year at UN HQ in New York. Due to my leadership experience, I was selected to be leader of the student group that went to the UN (1st out of 60 applicants)
Samanvay Karambhe (IH 2013-16). Data Scientist, Lexer
Moving to Sydney has given me a new experience of my country; moving to IH has given me a new experience of the world.
Sam Naylor