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Major Projects Leadership Academy

Creating better outcomes through projects
Working with the public sector the John Grill Centre offer leadership development programs and project excellence services across multiple levels of stakeholders to support the uplift of capability and practices and the delivery of an extensive pipeline of major projects across Australia

The challenge

Infrastructure investment across Australia is at an all time highwith the hope to deliver the right services for commnuties and  meet a rapidly growing population.

In NSW alone $80 billion dollars is committed in infrastructure for the next 10 years creating a stretch in available resources particularly for those who have the capability and experience to deliver these complex projects successfully.

Our response

A Major Projects Leadership Academy dedicated to the development of effective project leadership at all levels of government will support the next wave of major projects, designed to upskill a critical mass of leaders of projects across Australia to produce better project outcomes.

Our offering

The offering extends across board, executive, project leadership and their teams with a collective of leadership capability offerings designed to support stakeholder management practices, team building and coaching and mentoring services for project teams.

The Major Projects Leadership Academy will run key programs for core government audiences including:

Major Projects Leadership Academy


Working with academics and seasoned project professionals the centre employ a range experiential learning models using tested real-life scenarios that project leaders will face. The approach is practical and focused on creating tangible impact, not just skills building.

The centre working with a range of government departments and agencies are working to:

  • knowledge sharing and leveraging key experience at both the individual project and portfolio level
  • building critical mass to for sustainable leadership program delivery
  • use of common toolkits and processes to enable workforce transferability
  • providing a broader base to develop diversity
  • providing access to a larger pool of experienced and suitably skilled resources.

More information

Our Major Projects Leadership Academy custom programs are tailored to your specific organisational needs please contact our Program Director, Maurizio Floris +61 2 8627 4914 to discuss program outlines available for the appropiate audience group or for intact project teams.