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Our learning approach

Transformative experience
Our Executive Leadership in Major Projects program takes leaders through a process that is engaging and enlightening and creates impact in a number of ways.

Our learning approach

Our programs create powerful transformations for our clients and their teams to support lasting impact through a change of practices and uplift of leadership capability in your organisation.

We bring together our cutting edge expertise in executive education and adult learning, our multi-disciplinary research capability, and the experienced network of the very best thinkers and practitioners in projects. With insights from research, practical wisdom shared in the best ways that enable people to learn and change how they do things.    

Our programs are designed to provide hands-on learning experiences, practical insights and recommendations on how to achieve effective leadership and governance in your organisation to support major project success.

Alumni talk about the program's impact

To learn more about the experience speak to our ELMP Program Director, Maurizio Floris and we can link you with our Alumni to share the impact this program is having. Contact +61 2 8627 4914.