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Leading Transformational Projects program

Create your transformation blueprint

In a fast changing world, success is defined by the ability to turn ideas into value faster than your competition. It is a critical time for boards and executives to define your organisation’s digital future, innovate, and prepare teams for that future.

Our Leading Transformational Projects program in the Silicon Valley keeps you ahead of new technologies and the disruptions facing industries to ready yourself to lead your business transformations.

This custom program is designed to support participating companies. During this program, you can expect to visit organisations such as Tesla, Western Union digital, Airbnb and Google.*

Dates - vary on request - 1 week in duration

This program requires a minimum of 20 participants. In the event the minimum number is not reached, you will be contacted to discuss alternate dates.

Location - Silicon Valley, San Francisco, CA, USA

Costs - AUD12,000 per person includes accommodation and lunches.

Airfares and ground transport to San Francisco to be arranged by participants.

  • Individuals involved in the technology, strategy and information service functions of the organisation;
  • Individuals, whose business units and marketing functions, are impacted by digital technology, disruption and/or digital shifts
  • Leaders in organisations that want to build a digital strategy or respond to competitors that have embedded a digital strategy.
  • Emerging technologies and new business models shaping the future of industries, companies and workforce
  • The theory and practice of technology investments
  • The 'secret sauce' of Silicon Valley innovation culture from startups to corporates
  • The 'art and science' of corporate innovation
  • Turning ideas into action with a ‘transformation blueprint’ for your organisation.

This immersive high-impact 5-day program takes you to Silicon Valley. There is pre-program work to be completed at your own pace (approximately 10 hours).

The pre-work will act as the base knowledge from which to build upon and will be assumed knowledge once the program starts.

5 day program

Reframe for a proactive governance & leadership mindset

Link corporate value to an innovation and technology-driven mindset. Grasp the concept of becoming a technology company and learn to create, govern and lead a tech-savvy workforce of the future. Identify key areas of concern, clarify the case for change, think about alternative governance and leadership mindsets for the digital space.


Explore the next generation technologies causing industry disruption

Learn about ongoing industry transformations triggered by emerging technologies and new business models. Understand disruptive innovation, and the role of internal & external startups in creating new markets. See how incubators and accelerators help young entrepreneurs launch their first product, find the market and scale out the business. Explore the impact AI may have on future jobs and society. Discuss with top experts the disruptive effects of augmented reality and its applications in different industries. Learn about promising new opportunities from networks of interconnected devices.


Move beyond the ‘Innovation Culture’ buzzword

Become familiar with different ways of recruiting, evaluating, developing and promoting top talent. Learn from startups how they create the company culture that enables game-changing breakthroughs in business. Hear from technology veterans on how to maintain innovation and remain competitive during times of accelerated technological evolution.


Discover corporate innovation best practices

Learn to engage with startups through corporate investments, mergers & acquisitions and corporate innovation engagements to take full advantage of this external source of innovation. Visit innovation labs to hear about different innovation strategies that companies employ to accelerate innovation and successfully compete in the digital economy.


Create a transformation blueprint

Learn how corporations are recreating themselves as sustainable innovation leaders, redefining strategy, restructuring the organisation, revamping the corporate culture. Co-create and be armed with frameworks and planning tools to develop an actionable blueprint to implement corporate innovation and transform your corporate culture.


Mukul Agarwal

CEO and Founder


Sam De Brouwer

Sam De Brouwer

Co-founder and COO

Bill O'Connor

Bill O'Connor

Innovation Strategist



Shannan Luca

Shannon Luca

Senior Innovation Architect


Hugh Molotsi


Intuit and Lean Startup

Sonika Chandra

Sonika Chandra

VP, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development

Western Union



About the Silicon Valley Innovation Center

This program is being run in collaboration with the Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC). Since 2011, Silicon Valley Innovation Center has been advising corporations from around the world on industry transformations and new business opportunities. SVIC helps senior executives understand the impact of emerging technologies on business by organizing exclusive immersion programs, cutting-edge thought leadership conferences and breakthrough corporate innovation acceleration and consulting programs in Silicon Valley and globally. Thousands of corporate executives, business owners, board members of global corporations, government leaders and entrepreneurs have relied on SVIC for strategic industry insight and advice.

Further information

This Leading Transformational Projects program in Silicon Valley can be designed as a bespoke program for participating companies. Please contact Amar Flora, Chief Operating Officer, John Grill Centre for Project Leadership to discuss this custom opportunity on + 61 2 8627 4914 or

*Companies visited are subject to change based on the final cohort of participants.

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