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Leading Transformation Projects program, Silicon Valley
This immersive high-impact 5-day program takes you to Silicon Valley, where you will delve into technology trends, disruptors of industry, and develop a transformation blueprint to assist your organisation deliver its digital strategy.

Speakers on the program

Transformation blueprint

The ‘Transformation blueprint’ shows the fundamentals of an organisation’s change journey. It is not meant to be linear, and requires an agile approach toward design, execution, and implementation with a number of feedback loops; jumps at various points; and pivots if the logic is flawed.

Every industry will be fundamentally transformed by a tsunami of emerging technologies coming at us. Half of the companies will disappear – Kodak and Blockbuster are just the early warnings of the coming storm. Digital transformation is the first step every company needs to do to become a technology driven business. After that, companies need to continue reinventing themselves. It is very simple - innovate or die.
Andy Zhulenev, Vice President at Silicon Valley Innovation Center