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ICCPM partnership 2018 Roundtable series

Partnering for better leadership of projects
The John Grill Centre joins International Centre for Complex Project Management (ICCPM) as Series Partner for the 2018 International Roundtable Series with forums to be held across Australia and in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Europe.

ICCPM and the John Grill Centre for Project Leadership at the University of Sydney are partnering for ICCPM’s 2018 International Roundtable Series.

The 2018 International Roundtable Series will challenge and seek to change leadership mindsets and practices in organisations to achieve successful planning and delivery of large scale complex projects.

As Series Partner, the John Grill Centre will play an important role in supporting ICCPM as host to the launch of the series in Sydney and accessing industry experts and world-renowned academics to facilitate discussion on the day.

The goals and collaborative model of the John Grill Centre perfectly align with the theme and nature of the 2018 roundtable series. This partnership will provide a valuable enhancement to the discussion on leadership in complex projects. We are very fortunate to have the Centre partner with us on this initiative.
Collin Smith, Acting CEO, ICCPM

The Roundtable Series brings together high level delegates from a range of industries including public and private organisations and ICCPM Fellows and members. Approximately 200-400 attendees are expected across the various locations.

This year, ICCPM plans to extend the reach of the Series to include input from delegates around Europe, Asia and South Africa as well as re-visiting past locations including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand.

We are delighted to partner with ICCPM on this series to engage in much needed discussion on the key leadership that is required if large complex projects are to deliver on their business case and create their envisioned economic and social impacts. Importantly, we cannot stop at talk but need to also look at how we identify the right issues and take action to address these to achieve better leadership.
Suresh Cuganesan, CEO, John Grill Centre

The principle outcome of the roundtable series is to produce a white paper report that adds to the thought leadership body of knowledge focusing on providing a clear definition for what Leadership for Success in complex projects means and recommendations of further action that may be required.

A discussion paper is now available, including proposed roundtable discussion points including:

  • How we might encourage and increase board level participation in the execution of good project leadership and in the selection of a good project leaders and their teams.
  • Explore and design what complex project leadership capabilities might look like
  • Share examples and case studies of exemplar leadership of complex projects.
  • Explore how project leaders could/should deal with uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Explore how leaders create highly networked groups that coalesce to make a significant impact on the overall carriage of the project
  • Explore how executive decision makers (leaders) might create a project environment that encourages innovation, commitment, increased risk appetite and accountability.

If you are working on major and complex programs and would like to join these discussion please contact the John Grill Centre.

The International Centre for Complex Project Management (ICCPM) is a partner and membership based not-for-profit organisation utilising global networks to facilitate research and disseminate knowledge about complexity; to develop and deliver complexity education products for practitioners; and to connect practitioners and subject matter experts with business and government to improve internal organisational capability.