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New programs in relational leadership

Creating a change in mindset

Different capabilities and attitudes are required of leaders to manoeuvre through challenging projects, two new programs address these needs

Working with our partner organisations over recent years to build capabilities relevant for their changing and complex environment has led to the development  of two new relational leadership programs to support senior leaders driving significant programs.

These are immersive leadership development programs, which incorporate the latest thinking and learning incorporating real-life scenarios, adaptive challenges, highly experienced guest speakers, peer coaching/mentoring and importantly the opportunity to network with senior peers in the project community. The following is an overview of these programs:

Community Placemaking Strategic Leadership Program (Public Sector) – commencing 19-20 November 2019

The challenges of community placemaking require a different mindset and a new  set of intervention skills to those used on traditional complex projects. This program helps individuals develop a whole system perspective while understanding the different measures of success and planning horizons of the various stakeholders. It will allow senior leaders to engage externally in a different way that can generate innovative solutions that meet diverse needs.

Who is it for - this program is for senior leaders in social and economic Infrastructure agencies who are responsible for conceiving, planning and designing integrated customer focused solutions.

Key capabilities developed include political intelligence, stakeholder engagement, structured thinking and decision making, influential and boundary spanning leadership, strategic alignment, communications and negotiations.

Building Collaborative Delivery Partnerships Program – commencing 25-26 November 2019

We are faced with increasingly complex projects that require a different approach to enable innovation and adaptive approaches that focus on delivering successful outcomes. Understanding interpersonal dynamics that are occurring on projects will allow leaders to consciously shape the relationships upfront allowing an adaptive response to the inevitable challenges that emerge through the project lifecycle. 

Who is it for - This program is for project and program leaders from owner and contractor organisations who already have the basic commercial acumen concepts of how projects should run, but now want to understand the human aspects (psycho-social) of how multi-organisation projects really run.

Key capabilities developed are emotional and social intelligence, appreciative enquiry and innovation, stakeholder engagement, building shared purpose and trust, performance management and difficult conversations with positive outcomes.

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