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Media mentions

Our centre leadership team in the news

The leadership team for the John Grill Centre is highly engaged in wider public discussion around major project leadership, governance and the decisions made by policymakers.

2019 media mentions

  • Garry Bowditch has cautioned that governments still need to validate the expected benefits of projects before pushing ahead with them. "The real issue is not low interest rates as this is relatively meaningless when it comes to infrastructure; what is fundamental is the cost of capital for a project, made up of borrowing rate and project risk,". Migrants needed to fuel the infrastructure boom, read the article (subscription required).
  • John Grill talks about importance of projects leaders engaging boards to allow them to access key data from often complex, dense mass of information in projects. Stuart McGill notes “directors need to get energised all the way from conceptualisation stage.” to support project success. Interviewed as part of Company Director (Feb 2019 edition) article, The 7 biggest infrastructure projects in Australia right now.  Read the article.

2018 media mentions

  • Company Director quoted Professor Suresh Cuganesan, CEO of the John Grill Centre for Project Leadership, on the importance of thinking deeply about the governance of major projects. The article also mentioned Mirvac Group chair John Mulcahy whose board members and key executives participated in the centre's governance program. Read the full article.
  • Western Sydney Airport 'project fever' risks other infrastructure needs: experts (subscription required). This article quoting Garry Bowditch, appeared in the Australian Financial Review. "Committing to the Western Sydney Airport being rail ready from the get-go has obvious political benefits but it raises concerns about the opportunity cost of that money when a rail link will take years to have any sort of viable patronage," - Garry Bowditch.

  • [Radio] Australia doesn’t do too well when delivering infrastructure effectively and in a timely manner - should we be following America’s infrastructure approach? A 2GB radio interview with Michael McLaren and the Centre’s Garry Bowditch

2017 media mentions

  • When the future of business is at risk. Marc Vogts speaks to Domini Stuart about the importance of boards understanding the risks unique to major projects. View the full article on evolving risk in the Australian Institute of Company Directors’ Company Director magazine which is available online.
  • Turning a good budget into great infrastructure. In the wake of 2017 Federal Budget and the $75 billion infrastructure spend over the next 10 years, Garry Bowditch asks if the government is best to deliver these projects? Will these projects lower input costs for business and living costs for families, lift productivity for capital and labour, open up new markets that together create quality and enduring jobs and places to live? Read the full article in the Australian Financial Review
  • The Federal Government unveils $75 billion infrastructure spend. The 2017 Budget includes Sydney's 5.3 billion dollar second airport at Badgerys Creek, Snowy Mountain Scheme 2.0 and rail across Australia. Garry Bowditch speaks to ABC news commenting that the government now need to deliver on this “extraordinary” infrastructure spend in a competent way to ensure that they meet their responsibilities and that these projects  help to  “reduce the cost of living, enhance new markets and improves productivity”. 

2016 media mentions