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Ensuring mental health and wellbeing on projects

A shared vision: commitments and guiding principles
Imagine a future where mental health and well-being on public and private projects enables sustainable industries, drives economic growth and fosters social inclusion.

This is a living document indicating desired commitments on mental health and well-being by all parties to projects, and outlining guiding principles.

Senior project leaders participating in the Executive Leadership in Major Projects (ELMP) program have develop a number of shared visions for projects facilitated by Professor Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld (Brandeis University) and updated by successive ELMP cohorts. These include shared visions for employment relationsdiversity and inclusionsocial licenseinnovation, and mental health and wellbeing on projects

Our commitments

  • As project leaders, we will actively foster a culture where mental health and well-being are appreciated and openly addressed in inclusive and constructive ways – as important as workplace safety.

Suggested guiding principles

Foster proactive actions on mental health and wellbeing

  • Enabling people to seek help when needed.
  • Enable people to be involved and speak up.

Take preventative measures

  • Embed mental health and well-being in project management systems comparable to safety practices and policies.
  • Ensure training and awareness on mental health and wellbeing.
  • Ensure awareness of employees assistance program resources.

Foster a culture of respect and an appreciation for privacy of individuals

  • Ensure measures that don’t reveal confidential arrangements while still enabling continuous improvement and challenging existing practices.

Provide guidance on practices with respect to stress in the workplace

  • In assigning people to projects and tasks take into account not putting people in harm’s way with respect to mental health and wellbeing.
  • Challenge unrealistic expectations.

Champion a healthy life balance

  • Promoting fair and flexible working arrangements.

Overarching project objectives

  • Creating value: Ensuring mental health and well-being on projects creates value for diverse stakeholders now and builds capability for the future.
  • Mitigating risk: Stakeholders should share responsibility for mitigating the risks associated with mental health and wellbeing on projects.

Shared visions represent what can be called “true north” or aspirational goals, though they are intended to be feasible, rather than just wish lists. Shared visions are living documents, enabling alignment and evolving as the points of alignment themselves evolve. Read more.