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Inspiring projects through education and research partnerships

Our research partnerships aim to inform policymakers and produce positive social change. Our education partnerships build capabilities into organisations through tailored education programs for project teams.

Our partnerships are two-fold.

  • Our research partnerships stimulate debate and support innovative outcomes in the areas of leadership and governance in projects, infrastructure, energy and technology transformation for organisations.
  • Our education partnerships develop organisational capabilities in major project leadership and governance.

Education partnerships

A number of organisations from a range of industries have paired with the John Grill Centre to improve in-organisation capabilities in governing and leading major projects. Participants from telecommunications, banking and finance, oil and gas, road, rail and health industries have attended programs at the John Grill Centre. Education partnerships are structured according to organisational requirements.

Current and past education partners include:

  • Telstra
  • Lend Lease
  • ANZ
  • Mirvac
  • Victorian Government departments and agencies
  • NSW Government departments and agencies
  • the federal government’s Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

Education partnerships typically run for 1-3 years, and include a combination of our educational offerings.

Find out more about the education programs at the John Grill Centre.

Research partnerships

Our partnerships with the public and private sectors are driven by the motivation to deliver better social and economic outcomes for the wider community.  We work with our partners on issues that require leadership to educate a broader group of influencers and support change in policy. By applying critical thinking to the challenges that face infrastructure, information technology and energy, our experts use applied research to provide recommendations for major project success.

Organisations and industry project leaders within the energy and resources sectors can strengthen their leadership position globally by teaming up with the John Grill Centre.

Marc Vogts, draws on his experience leading large-scale resources projects with BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto globally.

Senior energy industry experts Dr Tom Parry AM and Leslie Hosking – as adjunct professors at the John Grill Centre for Project Leadership – contribute their extensive knowledge of the sector, working with organisations to address current challenges in the energy sector and ensure Australia benefits from the energy projects of the future.

Join us as a partner to create new opportunities for your business through critical thinking, building your organisation’s leadership capabilities in projects and research, and facilitating major project success.

Through the Better Infrastructure Initiative, the John Grill Centre holds four-year Leadership Partner agreements with the National Australia Bank, the federal government’s The Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities and Transport for NSW.  

Researchers from the University of Sydney have joined specialists from the Department's Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics to address two priority areas: measuring infrastructure services from a consumer perspective and analysing risk allocation in infrastructure projects.

View more information about our existing infrastructure partners.

The centre’s technology and business transformation expertise is supported by the extensive experience of our advisory board and community of advisors who have worked across a range of organisations in the private and public sectors, on projects that have undertaken significant business transformation through technology.

We also collaborate with the Silicon Valley Innovation Center and their experts in technology and innovation to support executive education for boards and executive teams.

Join us as a partner to create new opportunities for your business through critical thinking, building your organisation’s leadership capabilities in projects and research, and facilitating major project success.

International collaboration

We have extensive international collaborative networks globally with some of the world's top ranked universities and leading organisations to make sure our work has global impact and significance.

We work with international organisations to ensure our centre’s alignment with international trends in the leadership and governance of projects to support our education and research initiatives. We are collaborating with The University of Calgary to undertake joint educational and research activities in the areas of governance and leadership of major projects impacting the energy and resources sectors. We also collaborating with the Silicon Valley Innovation Center to develop executive education offerings for boards and executive teams who are fostering a corporate innovation mindset and managing technology transformations within their organisations.