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Donate or make a bequest to start influencing change

Donations of all kinds, including gifts in perpetuity, have guided the Sydney Law School’s past for more than 160 years and can advance its future. 

Why support Sydney Law School?

As one of the world’s leading law schools, we are committed to distinction across all aspects of our activities. Distinction for our students to ensure they receive the most challenging and rigorous legal education that will prepare them for career advancement. Distinction for our staff to deliver high quality teaching and remain committed to outstanding legal scholarship. Distinction in research to deliver the latest and most innovative perspectives on the ever-changing and evolving global legal landscape. By giving to Sydney Law School you can make sure this commitment to distinction remains and grows stronger in years to come.

What areas can I support?

You can make a difference by donating towards our scholarships to support study in our Bachelor of Laws (LLB), Juris Doctor (JD), Master of Laws (LLM) or our research degrees.

Many of our scholarships stem from generous bequests and donations from our alumni and friends. Choose to contribute to one the existing reputable scholarship initiatives or get in touch to discuss how you could establish a scholarship.

Sydney Law School has a strong history and we are the current world-record Jessup Cup holders, having won the prestigious international competition five times. Our students participate in multiple domestic and international competitions and you can help them excel by giving towards their pursuits. A selection of mooting competitions you can donate towards include:

Our centres and institutes create a unique community for our academic scholars and industry experts. Some are based on the work of revered legal intellectuals of the past, including Ross Parsons and Julius Stone and present the opportunity for gifts to celebrate their achievements. If you have a area of specialisation that you are passionate about, contact us to find out how you can give back. 

You can also contribute to our one of our emerging and innovative research themes.

Contribute towards a crowdfunding project. Contact us to find out more about current or future crowdfunding projects.

Sydney Development Fund
+61 2 8627 8818

Ways to donate

  • Donate through our online giving form
  • Make a one-off gift over the phone or by mail
  • Organise to make a recurring gift
  • Establish a bequest
  • Donate in honour of someone.   

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your potential support of the Sydney Law School. 

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