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29 March 2022

Leader in legal research and education welcomes new academics

Sydney Law School welcomes seven academics from Australia and around the world. Bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and experience, our new staff ensure we remain at the forefront of legal education and research.
24 March 2022

Leaving Singapore to study law at Sydney

Rohit Thadani and Prashaanth Rajandran explain why they left Singapore to study their Bachelor of Laws at Sydney Law School.
10 March 2022

The scholarship that made studying at Sydney possible

After visiting Australia, Hannah James dreamed of returning to study at Sydney. When she was awarded the Dean's Scholarship, she turned that dream into a reality.
10 March 2022

Margaret Beazley reflects on being a woman in law

Throughout her career, Her Excellency, Margaret Beazley has always been an advocate, mentor and supporter of women in law. Here she shares her thoughts and advice for the next generation of lawyers.
04 March 2022

Rain crisis hits internet, infrastructure, and your walls

Sydney experts comment on the impact of heavy rains on internet connections, infrastructure, and your residence.
01 March 2022

Sydney Law School statement on Russia's violations of international law in Ukraine

Sydney Law School scholars sign a joint statement urging all countries to respect and ensure respect for international humanitarian law.
25 February 2022

Russia-Ukraine war: experts explain

University of Sydney experts weigh in on the rapidly escalating Russia-Ukraine war.
21 February 2022

'Rebellious lawyer' joins Sydney Law School

The lawyer and activist will challenge students and staff to consider the ongoing impacts of colonial laws on First Nations and the importance of dismantling systemic racism in our society.
04 February 2022

Building legacies

The intersect of sport, law and business might seem an unlikely one, but for Craig Carracher it's proved to be a source of learning that has led him to own the biggest real-estate residential portfolio in Australia.