12 July 2023

Law School Academics Honoured at Australian Legal Research Awards

Three esteemed staff members have been recognised for their outstanding contributions to legal scholarship at the 2023 Australian Legal Research Awards (ALRAs).

27 June 2023

Is Australia ready for future mind-reading technologies?

Recent advancements using artificial intelligence to extract meaningful thoughts from brain waves have concerned human rights and privacy advocates, who say technology is developing at a rate faster than the law. It is the first paper that considers whether Australia is prepared for the potential applications of neurotechnologies.
22 June 2023

Law School Professor awarded Max Planck-Cambridge Prize

The Max Planck Institute of Heidelberg and the Lauterpacht Centre at the University of Cambridge have announced that the Max Planck-Cambridge Prize for International Law has been awarded to Professor Emily Crawford.
14 June 2023

Sydney Law School to host 2023 ADM+S Symposium

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society (ADM+S) will share their latest findings and map out future agendas for research on AI and automation in news, media and entertainment at the annual ADM+S Symposium.
12 June 2023

University community recognised with King's Birthday Honours

The University of Sydney congratulates all members of its community recognised in the King's Birthday 2023 Honours List.
09 June 2023

Indian PhD candidate pursues passion for international law and human rights

Ravi Prakash Vyas, a PhD candidate at the Sydney Law School, shares his reflections on pursuing higher education at the University of Sydney.
06 June 2023

Australia needs a dedicated body for wrongful convictions

Professor David Hamer and Dr Andrew Dyer from Sydney Law School explain why Kathleen Folbigg's pardon points to the need for a Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) in Australia.
06 June 2023

2023 Prize Giving Ceremony a huge success

In one of Sydney Law School’s largest annual events, over 150 undergraduate and postgraduate students were recognised for their outstanding academic achievements at the Prize Giving Ceremony.
06 June 2023

The final frontier: University of Sydney introduces space law

It may seem like a futuristic concept or one confined to Hollywood blockbusters - but space law is becoming more important than ever. With private entities launching space flights and exploration activities, and an increasing dependence on space-based systems, laws are needed to pave the foundation for how we govern human activity in outer space. The Sydney Law School introduces a new unit which explores the policies and developments of space global governance.
02 June 2023

What the Ben Roberts-Smith judgment says about defamation law

Professor David Rolph from the Sydney Law School unpacks two key questions from the high-profile defamation trial brought by the decorated Australian soldier.