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Recordings from Sydney Law School events
Catch up on our latest talks and be kept up-to-date on what's happening in law around the world.

Our latest events

Julius Stone Address 2021: Can the People be Sovereign?

Ross Parsons Centre Law & Business seminar: Re-examining India’s insolvency regime under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (3 May 2021)

COVID-19, Criminal Justice and Carceralism.

Launch of COVID Special Issue of Current Issues in Criminal Justice

Law & Business seminar: Does Australia need a treating customers fairly (TCF) regime for the financial industry? (31 March 2021)

Explore recordings of our past events

Australian Equality and Law Forum 2021 (26 November 2020) View the program (PDF)

Watch on YouTube: Singapore’s insolvency reforms (25 November 2020) 

Watch on YouTube: SME Restructuring and Insolvency (24 November 2020)

Listen to Protest in a time of pandemic on the School of Social and Political Sciences SoundCloud.

Watch on YouTube: Judicial oversight of insolvency practitioner discretions (12 November)

Watch the webinar: "The Future of Law Reform - Defamation" (produced by Wolters Kluwer, CCH. Link will expire after 6 months.) (27 July 2020)
Watch on YouTube: "National Security Law of Hong Kong: Legal and Social Implications" (head to the China Studies Centre podcast page) (23 July 2020)

Watch YouTube: "Law & Business seminar: Boards and AI" (16 June 2020)

Watch YouTube: "Law & Business seminar: Funds held on trust and the PPSA: A discussion of the decision in Dalian [2020] WASC 132" (19 May 2020)

Listen on SoundCloud: "Queer Law in Emotional Times" (4 March 2020)

Watch on YouTube: "Ross Parsons Corporate Lecture: The purpose of the corporation redefined: Recent developments in Australia and the US" (2 March 2020)

Listen on SoundCloud: "Building safer communities - current and future trends" (24 February 2020)

Watch YouTube: "Law & Business seminar: Blockchain and company law: An EU perspective" (3 December 2019)

Listen on SoundCloud: "Future crime problems and security solutions - How to anticipate them and what to do about them" (25 November 2019)

Listen on SoundCloud: "Can we eliminate crime?" (4 November 2019)

Watch on YouTube: "Law & Business seminar: Insolvency and restructuring law reform in Spain" (30 September 2019)

Listen on SoundCloud: "Beyond Punishment Seminar Series 2019: Benefits of community based correctional orders" (24 September 2019)

Watch on YouTube: "Law & Business seminar: Trusts and insolvency in the High Court: The Carter Hold Case" (19 August 2019)

Listen on SoundCloud: "Social Justice Series: Law and social movements" (14 August 2019)

Listen on SoundCloud: "2019 Australian Centre for Climate and Environmental Law Distinguished Speakers' Address: Power blackouts and climate justice: What are the solutions?" (7 August 2019)

Listen on SoundCloud: "Social Justice Series: Using the law as a tool for social and climate justice" (24 July 2019)

View the program and listen to the recordings on SoundCloud: "Children, migration and the right to health conference" (25-26 July 2019)

Listen on SoundCloud: "The UNCITRAL Model Law on cross-border insolvency: Neither a law nor much of a model" (9 July 2019)

Watch on YouTube: Law & Business seminar: "Extensions of time to register on the PPSR: Recent cases and commentary" (29 May 2019)

Listen on SoundCloud: "Where are the Italian mafias in Italy and abroad?" (28 May 2019)

Listen on SoundCloud: "Beyond Punishment Seminar Series 2019: Aboriginal women in the criminal justice network" (23 May 2019)

Listen on SoundCloud: "Disaster in the Murray Darling Basin: Explanations and consequences" (9 May 2019)

Listen on SoundCloud: "George Winterton Memorial Lecture: The mysteries of judicial power: Defining the relationship between law and power in the modern state" (14 February 2019)

  • Speaker: The Honourable Thomas Frederick Bathurst AC, 17th Chief Justice of New South Wales

Listen on SoundCloud: "Matt Laffan Memorial Address on Social Justice: Toeknism doesn't enable us to live our fullest lives" (27 February 2019)

  • Speaker: Carly Findlay, writer and appearance activist

Listen on SoundCloud: "Manslaughter by gross negligence, or systemic failure? Implications of the Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba case" (8 November 2018)

  • Speaker: Professor Ian Freckelton QC

Listen on SoundCloud: "Protecting children from unhealthy food marketing: Learning from the past, ideas for the future" (7 November 2018)

Listen on SoundCloud: "2018 Paul Byrne Memorial Lecture: Our First Nations People in custody: A national disgrace" (24 October 2018)

  • Speaker: Phillip Boulten SC, Forbes Chambers

Listen on SoundCloud: "Public health law and health leadership in the United States: What can Australia learn?" (19 July 2018)

Listen on SoundCloud: "2018 Kevin McCann Energy & Resources Lecture: Oil and gas development in new frontiers: Implications for the Antarctic" (7 June 2018)

  • Speaker: Professor Tina Hunter, University of Aberdeen

Listen on SoundCloud: "2018 Prize Giving Ceremony: student address delivered by University Medallist for Law, Zubin Bilimoria" (31 May 2018)

Listen on SoundCloud: "The role of sovereignty in Indigenous child welfare" (18 April 2018)

  • Speaker: Professor Marcia Zug, University of South Carolina 

Listen on SoundCloud: "Percy Valentine Storkey - the Sydney law student who won a Victoria Cross" (11 April 2018)

Listen on SoundCloud: "Distinguished Speaker Lecture: Sticky Citizenship" (15 March 2018)

  • Speaker: Professor Audrey Macklin, University of Toronto