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Facts & figures

  • World leading research Our research achieved the highest rating of 5, or “well above world standard”, in the latest Excellence in Research for Australia Initiative (ERA).
  • Research with impact In the Australian Research Council's first Engagement and Impact Assessment of research at Australian universities, our law and legal research received the highest rating for its impact and engagement.

Grants and achievements

Recognising research excellence

The work of our legal researchers is recognised and supported by the award of prizes and grants. Our research expertise allows us to establish international collaborations to tackle global legal issues. Explore our grants and achievements.

Ben Chen

ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA), Grant ID: DE230100557

Seth Lazar ANU, Jenny Davis ANU, Damian Clifford ANU, Kimberlee Weatherall Syd., Tiberio Caetano Gradient Institute, Christopher Dolman Insurance Australia Group

ARC Linkage Project (LP), Grant ID: LP210200818

Yane Svetiev Syd.Andrew Edgar Syd.

ARC Discovery Projects (DP), Grant ID: DP210102688


Louise Chappell UNSWRosemary Grey Syd., Kcasey McLoughlin NewcastleNSW

ARC Discovery Projects (DP), Grant ID: DP210103628


Rosemary Grey

ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA), Grant ID: DE210101486


Nicole Graham Syd., Robyn Bartel UNE

ARC Discovery Projects (DP), Grant ID: DP210101483


Carolyn McKay

ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA), Grant ID: DE210100586


Luke McNamara UNSW, Julia Quilter W’gongArlie Loughnan Syd., Russell Hogg Qld. UT, David Brown UNSW, Lindsay Farmer Glas.

ARC Discovery Projects (DP), Grant ID: DP210101072


Gail Mason

The Council of the City of Sydney

Projects dates: 1 January - 31 December 2021

Amount awarded: $39,127


Julian Thomas RMIT, Jean Burgess Qld. UT, Heather Horst W.Syd, Deborah Lupton UNSW, Gerard Goggin Nan, Sarah Pink Monash, Mark Sanderson RMIT, Paul Henman Qld., Axel Bruns Qld. UT, Dan Hunter Qld. UT, Mark Andrejevic Monash, Nicolas Suzor Qld. UT, Jason Potts RMIT, Christine Parker Melb., Christopher Leckie Melb., Megan Richardson Melb., Wolfgang Schulz Hans-Bredow-Institut, Vaike Fors Monash, Maarten de Rijke Amst., Cornelius Puschmann Bremen, Ivana Jurko RMIT, Julia Stoyanovich NYKaren Yeung Birm., Frank Pasquale, Kimberlee Weatherall Syd. Anthony McCosker Swinburne UT, Nicolas Walsh RMIT, Jackie Leach Scully UNSW, Abigail Brydon

Grant ID: CE200100005


Rayner Thwaites Syd.Elisa Arcioni Syd.Helen Irving Syd.

ARC Special Research Initiatives (SR), Grant ID: SR200200550


Kathy Bowrey UNSWKimberlee Weatherall Syd., Kylie Pappalardo Qld. UT, Irene Watson S. Aust., Jill McKeough UTS, Thomas Cochrane Qld. UT

ARC Discovery Projects (DP), Grant ID: DP200101578


Douglas Ezzy Tas.Simon Rice Syd., Angela Dwyer Tas., Louise Richardson-Self Tas., Lori Beaman uOttawa

ARC Discovery Projects (DP), Grant ID: DP200100395


Wendy Lipworth Syd., Cameron Stewart Syd., Megan Munsie Melb., Ian Kerridge Syd., Tamra Lysaght NUSClaire Hooker Syd., Alan Petersen Monash, Claire Tanner Monash, Christopher Gyngell Melb, Christopher Rudge Syd.

Department of Health, Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF), 2020 Stem Cell Therapies. Grant ID: APP2007623


  • Regulation of AI in the Private Sector

Kimberlee Weatherall

The Mindaroo Foundation

Project dates: 25 June 2020 - 1 March 2021

Amount awarded: $91,019

Wendy Lipworth Syd., Ian Kerridge Syd., William Ledger UNSW, Robert Norman Adel., Ainsley Newson Syd., Cameron Stewart Syd., Isabel Karpin Technol.Syd,  Catherine Mills Monash, Catherine Waldby ANU, Christopher Mayes Deakin

National Health and Medical Research Council NHMRC – Ideas Grants, Grant ID: APP1181401


Rosemary Lyster Syd.Gregor Verbic Syd., Daniel Farber Calif., Robert Verchick Loyola (New Orleans)

ARC Discovery Projects (DP), Grant ID: DP190103476


Martin Krygier UNSW, Adam Czarnota UNSWWojciech Sadurski Syd.

ARC Discovery Projects (DP), Grant ID: DP190102961


Marcus Haward Tas., Jeffrey McGee Tas.Timothy Stephens Syd., Nengye Liu Adel., Shirley Scott UNSW, Anthony Press Tas.

ARC Discovery Projects (DP), Grant ID: DP190101214


Lee Godden Melb., Margaret Davies FlinNicole Graham Syd.

ARC Discovery Projects (DP), Grant ID: DP190101373


Belinda Reeve Syd.Roger Magnusson Syd., Karen Charlton W’gong, Nicholas Rose William Angliss Institute

ARC Discovery Projects (DP), Grant ID: DP190102494


Andrew Mowbray UTS, Philip Chung UNSW, Rosemary Rayfuse UNSW, Rosemary Lyster Syd., Nicole Gurran USYD, Lee Godden Melb., Jacqueline Peel Melb., Benjamin Richardson Tas., Jan McDonald Tas., Alex Gardner W.Aust., Paul Martin UNE, Donald Anton Griff., Justine Bell-James Qld., Julia Dehm La Trobe, Brendan Grigg Flin.

ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF), Grant ID: LE190100061


Dianne Nicol Tas., Jane Nielsen Tas., Lisa Eckstein Tas.Cameron Stewart Syd.

ARC Discovery Projects (DP), Grant ID: DP180101262


Helen Irving

ARC Discovery Projects (DP), Grant ID: DP170100003


Kirsten Vallmuur Qld. UT, Rebecca Ivers Syd., James Harrison Flin.Luke Nottage Syd., Ruth Barker Mater Medical Research Institute

ARC Discovery Projects (DP), Grant ID: DP170103136

Rayner Thwaites

ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA), Grant ID: DE160101123

Rebecca Giblin MonashKimberlee Weatherall Syd., Julian Thomas RMIT, Francois Petitjean Monash

ARC Linkage Projects (LP), Grant ID: LP160100387


Judy Cashmore Syd.Rita Shackel Syd., Jane Goodman-Delahunty C.Sturt, Martine Powell Griff., Patrick Parkinson Qld., Nicholas Cowdery AM QC Syd.

ARC Discovery Projects (DP), Grant ID: DP160103688