When is Hate a Crime?

Raising awareness and promoting action to challenge hate crime
Our vision is to build awareness, elevate support and guide action about hate crime and hate incidents. We've created a ‘one stop shop’ for information about the reality of hate crime, the support that is available and the legal options for responding.

The Hate Crime website is built around 3 pillars to meet the needs of individuals and community groups: awareness, support and action. It is the unique product of research expertise and extensive consultation with communities vulnerable to hate crime in Australia, as well as the government agencies and peak community bodies that seek to assist them. Together, we hope to promote equality, strengthen support and illustrate pathways to action and advocacy against hateful conduct in NSW.

Hate is never ok. It can happen in different ways: an insult by a stranger in a carpark, bullying by a ‘friend’ online or graffiti at the local shops. Hate is not on the decline in Australia. Research shows that bias, hatred and discrimination are still common experiences for many minority communities. Hate is harmful. People who experience hate typically feel disrespected, unsafe, anxious or unwelcome. Yet, often they do not know what to do about it. 

Research shows that bias, hatred and discrimination are still common experiences for many minority communities.
Professor Gail Mason
A screenshot of the hate crime website

The Hate Crime website.

Our website provides an opportunity to discover when hate is against the law, where to find support and how to take action. It offers a diverse range of resources to strengthen individual awareness and promote access to legal rights. It also has a community toolkit to support capacity building and training workshops for community organisations. 

The website is a collaboration between the Australian Hate Crime Network and the University of Sydney, and has been made possible through financial support from the City of Sydney. The website has been designed by BrandUnity. 

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Professor Gail Mason

Gail Mason
Professor of Criminology
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