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Asian and Islamic law

Meeting the legal challenges of the Asian century
Our experts are prominent legal scholars with deep expertise across the region. From human rights in Nepal to comparative law in China and commercial law in Japan, our scholarship adopts a transnational, global perspective.

Our vision

We are one of the leading university research groups in the Southern Hemisphere that focuses on Asian law. We produce highly respected research on a wide variety of Asian jurisdictions, emphasising their importance to Australia’s economic and security interests. We pride ourselves on our unique program for studying Asian law ‘in country’, whether in China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia or Nepal, matched by our in-house expertise. We offer our students a deep understanding of how Asian law operates in practice.

Our work

Our research covers diverse areas of law in Asian jurisdictions as well as comparative law. We explore:

  • Chinese law: Professor Vivienne Bath, Professor Bing Ling and Associate Professor Jie (Jeanne) Huang
  • Japanese law: Professor Luke Nottage
  • Indonesian law: Professor Simon Butt
  • Malaysian law: Associate Professor Salim Farrar.

Our expertise includes:

  • Islamic law: Associate Professor Farrar, Associate Professor Ghena Krayem, Professor Simon Butt
  • International business and investment law: Professor Vivienne Bath, Professor Luke Nottage, Associate Professor Jie (Jeanne) Huang
  • Commercial and consumer law: Professor Bing Ling, Professor Bath, Professor Nottage, Professor Simon Butt, Associate Professor Salim Farrar, Associate Professor Jie (Jeanne) Huang
  • Human rights and international law: Professor David Kinley, Professor Ben Saul, Associate Professor Salim Farrar
  • Constitutional and anti-corruption law: Professor Simon Butt. 

Our experts