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Corporate, securities and finance law

Investigating the contemporary regulatory issues in law and business

We investigate the three primary aspects of modern corporate law: corporate governance and regulation, corporate finance banking law and international business law. 

Our vision

Our research addresses key contemporary developments, both in Australia and internationally, in the areas of corporate, securities and finance law. Our research is applied and interdisciplinary (overlapping with, for example, history, economics, organisational theory and psychology). It is highly relevant to a range of contemporary regulatory issues in law and business and often involves reform proposals.

Our work

Key themes in our research include:

Corporate governance and regulation

  • Dr Olivia Dixon’s scholarship examines aspects of corporate criminal law and corporate culture. Her research investigates whistle-blower protection regimes around the world, and the extent to which Australia’s regulatory scheme is adequate.
  • Dr Madeleine Taylor’s research focuses on the board of directors. It addresses the impact of board composition on corporate governance and the role of legislative quotas in encouraging gender diversity, corporate performance and corporate social responsibility. 
  • Professor Matthew Conaglen’s research focuses on the legal principles of fiduciary doctrine, including the nature and function of those principles and the remedies for their breach, as well as other equitable doctrines that are applied in the context of trusts. His research has been cited by the Privy Council, the High Court of Australia, the Supreme Court of New Zealand, the Court of Appeal of England and Wales, the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal and various other courts around the world.

Corporate finance banking law

  • Professor Sheelagh McCracken’s research in applied finance has focused most recently on the operation of personal property securities legislation, as well as the role of equitable doctrines such as set-off, marshalling and contribution in banking law. 
  • Professor David Kinley’s scholarship focuses on developments in the financial sector, particularly in relation to matters of human rights and corporate social responsibility. 

International business law

Our scholars in this area research and write on aspects of corporate, securities and finance law in particular jurisdictions.

  • Professor Vivienne Bath works on investment structures and corporate governance in China and Hong Kong. 
  • Professor Luke Nottage publishes widely in the area of corporate governance transformations in Japan, and more recently on the rise of independent directors across Asia generally.

Our experts