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Justice, legal process and the profession

Confronting the changing nature of the legal profession

Our team is engaged in a wide range of doctrinal and interdisciplinary and empirical research. 

Our vision

We aim to promote access to justice and equality before the law. Our interdisciplinary research evaluates and brings about changes that improve the legal system and delivery of justice. This includes work on:

  • criminal justice reform and practice
  • litigation and evidentiary challenges
  • legal education, the legal profession and legal services delivery
  • social justice, advocacy and alternative dispute resolution.

Our work

Our research engages with current debates and addresses gaps in access to justice, social justice and the evaluation and reform of legal and justice processes, as well as the challenges facing a rapidly changing legal profession and legal services marketplace.

Professor Simon Rice is a leading Australian scholar with extensive experience in poverty law, human rights and discrimination law. Professor Rita Shackel's research is well recognised for its specific focus on access to justice for children and women, and the needs of victims and survivors of sexual and gender-based violence and abuse. Dr Carolyn McKay is conducting outstanding research on access to justice and technologies in courtrooms and prisons. Professor David Hamer is a leading scholar on the theory and practice of evidence and proof, particularly in the areas of wrongful convictions and prosecuting sexual assault.

Our experts