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The cutting edge of tax law and policy

We lead change and make vital contributions to domestic and international tax policy.  

Our vision

We develop advanced theoretical and practical knowledge and wisdom regarding taxation law and policy, both domestic and international. We are home to the Ross Parsons Centre of Commercial, Corporate and Taxation Law, through which we carry on Professor Parsons' legacy of leadership in tax law research. We hope our research, along with our teaching and advisory work, contribute to better tax policy, a better tax system, and a more just society overall.

Our work

Our research is at the cutting edge of developments in tax law and policy, both domestically and internationally.

  • Associate Professor Celeste Black’s research explores a variety of domestic and international tax base issues as well as the intersections of tax law and administrative law, with a particular emphasis on taxpayer rights. 
  • Mr Micah Burch’s research interests include contemporary and emerging issues in domestic and international income tax law and policy, particularly those that result from technological change.
  • Professor Michael Dirkis’s research covers issues associated with the tax base, tax policy, tax reform and tax administrative developments arising in both the international and domestic taxation contexts.
  • Professor Patricia Apps’ research covers a wide range of areas in public economics, particularly the economics of the household.
  • Professor Graeme Cooper’s research focuses principally on domestic corporate taxation, comparative tax law, and tax policy.
  • Professor Rebecca Millar specialises in goods and services tax and comparative value added tax.
  • Professor Richard Vann specialises in corporate, comparative, and international taxation.

Our experts