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Scholarships on offer for law students

We offer more than $500,000 worth of scholarships, available to you as a new student about to enrol, as a current student, and upon your graduation.

Our wide range of scholarships are designed to recognise potential, assist those in need and reward high achievement. Our scholarship programs provide financial freedom and support for law students at all levels.

Whether you want to pursue undergraduate, postgraduate and/or research studies, we invite you to explore the scholarships available to help you achieve your goals.

As well as the financial benefit, scholarships offer opportunities to:

  • connect with our academic staff and other scholars
  • undertake an internship or research opportunity while you study
  • help you to graduate with a highly regarded degree and strong employment opportunities.

Learn more about the scholarships available to law students:

There are a number of domestic and international scholarships available to commencing and current Sydney Law School students. Visit our scholarships website for details on what’s available and your eligibility.

We offer several postgraduate scholarships for domestic and international students at the Sydney Law School, including the Juris Doctor and Masters degrees. For a full list, please visit the Scholarships website.

Oxford Scholarship

The Sydney Law School and the Cameron family established this scholarship to promote further study in law after the completion of a Bachelor of Laws or a Juris Doctor.

Visit the Scholarships website to find out more about the Oxford Scholarship.

The University offers scholarships to help domestic and international students fund their research studies.

To find out what’s available and for more information on eligibility, please visit our Scholarships website

University prizes are awarded annually for academic achievement in particular units or programs of study. Applications are not required as students are nominated by the relevant faculty according to mid-year and final year academic results. 

Learn more about the University and Law School prizes on offer on our Scholarships website.

Daniel Fletcher

Daniel Fletcher
Justice Peter Hely Scholarship
I am extremely grateful for the continued support of Sydney Law School and the Justice Peter Hely Scholarship. I hope the time I spent studying the Bachelor of Civil Law at Oxford will be an invaluable step in my career.
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Jo Seto

Jo Seto
Alan Bishop Scholarship
Having the scholarship has been wonderful because it has allowed me to have this year off and during my degree, it has also taken relieved some of the financial pressure that comes with being a student. I am very grateful for the scholarship.
Learn more about our undergraduate scholarships

Katya Pesce

Katya Pesce
Pitt Cobbett Scholarship
I am grateful to Sydney Law School for selecting me as a Pitt Cobbett Scholarship recipient, which will provide me with helpful financial assistance in undertaking an internship with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in Paris.
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