All great achievements start with a vision. For 165 years, our students have forged a vision here, and have gone on to change our lives for the better. We share and celebrate their stories. 

I will battle inequality with rage and

Anne Summers

Women's rights activist, journalist and author
PhD '79

I will use technology to relieve suffering. 

Ethan Butson

Inventor, SMART stroke system
Science student

I will be the
first in my family 
to graduate 
from university. 

Daniela Garrido

Arts student

I will give
people a
at life.

Victor Chang

Heart transplant pioneer
BSc(Med) '61 MBBS '63

I will help Australian students reach
their potential.

Jack Manning Bancroft

Founder, AIME
BA(Media&Comm) '07

I will make
maths cool.

Adam Spencer

Broadcaster and maths geek
BA(Hons) '92

I will make
women’s lib part
of pop culture.

Tara Moss

Writer and feminist
PhD student

I will fight for freedom for those who can't.

Samah Hadid

Global human rights campaigner
BEcSocSc '10

I will find what is
unjust and bring it
to justice.

Michael Kirby

High Court judge and human
rights advocate
BA '59 LLB '62 BEc '66 LLM '67

I will show Australian
children the
power of Shakespeare.

John Bell

Actor, director, educator,
founder of Bell Shakespeare
BA '63

I will champion
equal opportunities
for all Australians.

Gough Whitlam

Former prime minister
and social reformer
BA '38 LLB '46

I will shed light
on challenging

Kerryn Phelps

Doctor, author, health and
social justice advocate
MBBS '81

I will shape a city that
will dance on the
world stage.

Clover Moore

Lord Mayor of Sydney
and community advocate
BA '69

I will take
the stigma out
of mental health.

Benjamin Veness

Mental health advocate
MBBS '14 MPH '14

I will invent technology that changes the world

John O'Sullivan

Inventor of wi-fi technology
BSc '67 BE(Elec) '69 PhD '75

I will put
an end to the
tax on

Subeta Vimalarajah

Tampon tax campaigner
Law student

I will help people
go the extra mile
to help others. 

Annie Crawford

Founder, fundraising fitness initiative Can Too
BA '85 BSW '87

I will help unite
a nation.

Nick Farr-Jones

Former Wallabies captain
LLB '86

I will create a university that is open to all.

William Charles Wentworth

University of Sydney founder, son of a convict

I will defend people who
cannot defend themselves. 

Kathleen Heath

Fulbright Scholar and lawyer
BEcSocSc '11 LLB(Hons) '14

I will give diversity
a voice.

Mary Kostakidis

Founding member of SBS
BA '77

I will take Australian
stories to
the world.

Bruce Beresford

Film director
BA '64

I will design works
that will stand the
test of time.

Marc Newson

Industrial Designer
BVA '84

I will build a
bridge that
our city.

John Bradfield

Engineer of the Sydney
Harbour Bridge
BE(Civil) 1889 ME 1896
DSc 1924

I will break the cycle of poverty
through education.

Annabelle Chauncy

Founder, School for Life, Uganda
BA '07 LLB '10

I will take
back the guns. 

John Howard

Former prime minister and leader of gun law reform
LLB '61

I will set a new
standard for

Herbert Evatt

Co-author of the UN Declaration
of Human Rights
BA 1915 MA '17 LLB '18 LLD '24