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Addressing the neglected global burden of child and drug-resistant tuberculosis

24 March 2021
MBI's Co-Director Ben Marais named as one of NHMRC 10 of the best
Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council has launched the 12th edition of 10 of the Best, showcasing significant projects that support the improvement of human health.

This edition highlights research projects across a broad range of topics, including cancer immunology, youth mental health, Indigenous research workforce building, neurosurgical devices, tuberculosis, coronary disease, respiratory disease rehabilitation, depression and the economic evaluation of cancer treatment.

The projects showcased are representative of hundreds of successful high-quality projects funded each year by NHMRC.

Together with his MBI colleagues -  A/Prof Greg Fox, Prof Vitali Sintchenko, Prof Jan-Willem Alffenaar and Prof Warwick Britton - Ben continues his mission to raise awareness of childhood tuberculosis (TB) and the transmissibility of drug-resistant TB .  In early 2021  their work was recognised as one of NHMRC's  10 of the Best.

Wealthy countries with good socioeconomic conditions and health care systems like Australia are at low risk of major TB outbreaks — but Australia can make a big contribution through research and advocacy
Prof Ben Marais
Professor Ben Marais
Co-Director MBI

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