Dr Maria Comas Soberats
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Dr Maria Comas Soberats

Postdoctoral Fellow
Central Clinical School
Woolcock Institute of Medical Research
Dr Maria Comas Soberats


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Selected Grants


  • Light therapy in elderly people to improve sleep, cognition and day time alertness, Gordon C, Comas Soberats M, Perpetual Trustees Charitable Trusts/IMPACT Philanthropy Scheme
  • The impact of shift work on energy and macronutrient intake in nurses, Australia and Taiwan - The TASTE Study, Gordon C, Shiao J, Guo L, Marshall N, Cayanan E, Chen C, Ouyang C, Comas Soberats M, Hoyos C, Phillips C, Office of Global Engagement/Partnership Collaboration Awards


  • Chrono-NeuroSleep: studing circadian clocks in NeuroSleep target populations, Grunstein R, Naismith S, Comas Soberats M, Hermans D, Wong K, Lee A, Lewis S, Glozier N, Phillips C, Hoyos C, Gordon C, Miller C, Lambert T, Oliver B, Neurosleep Centre of Research Excellence/Postgraduate Scholarships Grant