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Office for Global Health

Working to improve global health outcomes
We build strong collegial national and international partnerships to help improve global health and to internationalise our teaching and research.

About us

The Office for Global Health focuses on international research, partnerships, education, and capacity building. We represent the Faculty of Medicine and Health and provide strategic advice and leadership on international engagement.

We are guided by our strategic plan and support research by building and maintaining sustainable international partnerships and enhancing awareness and understanding of international funding opportunities.

Some of the partners that we work with include:

  • universities or research institutes outside Australia who are interested in research collaboration
  • non-governmental organisations interested in collaboration
  • postdoctoral researchers interested in a visiting fellowship
  • university or government bodies outside Australia wishing to organise a delegation to the University.

Our strategic objectives

We will build a network of focused partnerships in priority countries with specific institutions, government bodies, companies and not-for-profit organisations to underpin our research and education objectives.

We will increase the impact of our international collaborations by prioritising sustainable relationships that address multiple facets of our engagement activities: research, funding, recruitment, mobility, diplomacy, consultancy and industry engagement.

We will increase the value of international research funding and diversify international funding sources.

We will leverage funding opportunities that allow the faculty to lead research partnerships and capacity sharing in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs), particularly in our region.

We will foster researcher-to-researcher connections between FMH researchers and their counterparts at partner institutions, to create a pipeline of publications and joint research, and we will support individual researchers wanting to engage with international partners and funding bodies.

We will create a sustainable revenue stream by identifying and pursuing financially viable opportunities for professional education in priority countries.

We will identify and pursue research and development funding and collaboration opportunities with the private sector internationally.

We will lead and support strategic international engagement, providing expertise and advocacy for the faculty on international matters within the University and beyond.

Our people

Leanne Howie, Manager Global Health Initiatives
Phone: +61 9036 5240
Mobile: +61 421 610 981

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