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01 December 2023

New perspective on limits of survival and liveability in extreme heat

Record-breaking heatwaves made headlines during 2023, raising questions about how humans will survive and function in a warming world. A new study suggests the outlook may be even worse than expected, challenging recommended thresholds for survivability in the heat.
29 November 2023

No evidence found that cannabis reduces long term opioid use

A 20-year Australian study has found no evidence to suggest cannabis reduces illicit opioid use, and it may not be an effective long-term method of reducing harm for those with an opioid use disorder or problematic use of opioids.
22 November 2023

University of Sydney and Westmead celebrate new health milestone

The University of Sydney celebrated 45 years of this historic health collaboration and innovation at a gala which showcased key historic research and healthcare achievements in Westmead's history.
22 November 2023

NSW Ambulance and University of Sydney partner for future health workforce

The partnership will explore a number of opportunities, bringing together the individual expertise of NSW Ambulance and the University of Sydney, to create fit-for-purpose education programs and enhance specialist research that aligns with the Future Health Strategic Framework.
22 November 2023

Quantum tech for health: Sydney team wins Wellcome Leap contract

A multidisciplinary team at Sydney Nano from the Sydney Medical School, Physics and Chemistry is using emerging quantum technology to explore new molecules to treat disease.