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16 July 2024

Embarking on a new path to a meaningful nursing career

Amy Earnshaw made the decision to enter the nursing industry after witnessing the care and dedication of nurses and midwives during her daughter’s birth. The Master of Nursing program at Westmead was perfect for Amy, allowing her to study flexibly, near home, and within a major hospital.
15 July 2024

How to become a fertility specialist

Fertility specialists play a crucial role in helping individuals and couples overcome challenges related to infertility, guiding them through complex treatment processes, and supporting them emotionally and medically on their journey to parenthood.
15 July 2024

How to become a sex therapist

Sex therapists play a vital role in helping individuals and couples navigate sexual difficulties, enhance sexual satisfaction, and cultivate fulfilling relationships. They provide an environment where clients can explore their concerns, improve communication, and achieve greater intimacy.
15 July 2024

Why study sleep medicine at Sydney

Help patients to achieve better sleep quality and overall wellbeing by gaining a deep understanding of the physiology and disorders of sleep.
12 July 2024

How to become a clinical neurophysiology scientist

Clinical neurophysiology scientists focus on assisting with the diagnosis of disorders of the nervous system. They use various techniques to measure and assess the electrical activity of the various parts of the nervous system, which helps in understanding and managing neurological conditions.