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23 July 2024

Why study diagnostic radiography at Sydney

Diagnostic radiographers are healthcare professionals who specialise in producing high-quality medical images of the inside of the body to help diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries.
23 July 2024

How to become a dietitian

Our courses in nutrition and dietetics are designed for both recent high school graduates and those with a bachelor's degree in science.
22 July 2024

How to become an occupational therapist

We offer occupational therapy courses suitable for individuals right out of high school and for those who hold a bachelor's degree in a different field.
22 July 2024

Why study speech pathology at Sydney

Speech pathologists make a rewarding impact on people and their families through the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of communication and swallowing disorders.
22 July 2024

The science of why your child is a fussy eater – and nine tips to overcome it

Providing your kids with the best start in life begins with you, and leading health expert Dr Nick Fuller has distilled his years of research into six essential steps to setting parents and their families on a path towards a positive relationship with food, exercise and sleep.