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I study pharmacy and management: Andrew Klass

11 October 2017
5 minutes with an undergraduate pharmacy and management student
Meet Andrew, a Bachelor of Pharmacy and Management student. Find out what it is like to study pharmacy at the University of Sydney.

Why did you choose to study pharmay?

I have always wanted to pursue a degree in pharmacy as both my mother and grandfather work in the industry. When I saw what the new Bachelor of Pharmacy and Management degree at the University of Sydney had to offer, I knew that it was the perfect degree for me.

The degree is unique and innovative as it gives students a fantastic opportunity to combine pharmacy with business knowledge, which will be a huge benefit to kick-starting a prosperous career.

How did it feel when you received your offer?

I was actually on holiday in Japan at the time so the offers came out in the middle of the night, I remember my whole family setting alarms to wake up to see if I got the offer. It was so exciting.

What was your favourite subject at high school?

I would have to say I enjoyed biology the most, mainly because I found it interesting learning about things at a conceptual level and then integrating that knowledge into real-world situations.

What subjects did you do for your HSC?

  • English (standard)
  • Extension mathematics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry

What's your favourite unit of study at the moment?

I'm currently studying Social Pharmacy which I really enjoy. The things I'm learning in this unit make me really feel like a pharmacist already.

What does your typical day at uni look like?

A typical day at uni starts at 8:45am when I get a coffee on my way to my first lecture of the day. The rest of the day is a mix of tutorials and lectures and maybe a practical. Most days I have a one hour break to study and socialise.

What surprised you most about this degree?

How many events and activities that are organised by Sydney University Pharmacy Association (SUPA), which is the pharmacy student body. I also didn't expect everybody even from different years to be so close.

How does university compare to high school?

Much more freedom and the parties are better!

What are your classmates like?

Really friendly, I can happily say I have already made some lifelong friends.

What are your lecturers like?

So far, all my lecturers have been really nice and have been more than happy to help with any questions I might have either in person or through emails.

Have you been involved in anything outside the classroom?

I am a member of SUPA and have attended events such as the pub crawl and harbour cruise that run every semester. SUPA also run sporting activities every Wednesday and Friday which is a really great way to get to know everybody and have some fun.

What are your future career plans?

Once I finish my degree and intern year, I would love to one day start my own pharmacy.

Any advice for someone who is thinking about applying for this degree?

Go for it! Not only will this degree put you a step ahead of other students in regards to getting a job but I guarantee that if you put yourself out there and go to the events and meet new people it will also be one of the most enjoyable times of your life.

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