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5 reasons to study honours at Westmead

1 December 2017
Are you interested in studying an Honours at Westmead?
Westmead is one of the world’s largest health and medical research precincts. Studying Honours at Westmead provides students with unique opportunities to conduct research with meaningful impact on community health.

Are you interested in studying an Honours at Westmead?

Westmead is one of the world’s largest health and medical research precincts. Studying Honours at Westmead provides students with unique opportunities to conduct research that has a meaningful impact on the health of our community.

Here are 5 reasons you should study your Honours at Westmead with the University of Sydney.

1. Work on real-world problems (translational research)

The Westmead Honours program sees candidates undertake diverse research spanning from the laboratory to the patient, where they help solve real-world problems in research and treatment. By working in close collaboration with scientists, researchers and clinicians, Westmead honours candidates are provided with unparalleled opportunities for ‘bench to bedside’ translational research.

What is an example of this in real-world practice?
Note: the recent scurvy story in January 2017 where a Westmead-based researchers’ discovery of scurvy at Westmead Hospital was as a direct result of treating and observing patients during clinical practice.

2. Experience one-on-one supervision from leading research experts

The supervisors in the Westmead Honours program are leading research experts – some of who are internationally renowned leaders in their field. They practice either in laboratories or in a clinical environment, which provides them with the availability to work one-on-one with hands-on training with honours candidates at Westmead.

3. Study at the largest health and medicine precinct in NSW

Westmead precinct is the largest health and medicine precinct in NSW, currently employing 13,000. And by 2030 it is expected that Westmead will employ almost 50,000 people. Each year, Westmead Hospital alone treats 2.5 million outpatients (excluding Westmead Children’s Hospital).

The Westmead campus includes:

  • Three major medical research institutes
  • Two large-scale University of Sydney teaching hospitals
  • The largest pathology service in NSW.

Around 1000 research scientists that produce over 7% of the University of Sydney’s research across all disciplines. This research includes critical research into the causes and mechanisms of disease, and devising novel interventions for prevention and treatment.

4. Join a large and diverse student community at Westmead campus

At the Westmead campus, students are part of a large and diverse student community. Around 2000 students study at Westmead, including hundreds of PhD and honours candidates, as well as coursework students in allied health, dentistry, medicine, nursing, engineering and IT. The rapidly growing student population and dynamic lifestyle, and close proximity to Parramatta CBD, gives the campus a distinctive professional and social character, with a truly multidisciplinary atmosphere.

5. Network in a positive and professional environment

The Westmead health education and research precinct is a thriving centre comprising of professionals across a range of disciplines and organisations, making it a collaborative and professional environment. Honours students at Westmead are part of an exciting research team that treats all candidates like professionals, regardless of what stage they are at in their careers.


Applications for Honours at Westmead are welcome from students with a relevant bachelor’s degree from any Australian university or equivalent, with the option of mid-year entry available.