26 July 2018

Solving healthcare problems in priority populations

After a few different careers in retail, insurance and public service, Ashley was looking for a new start where he could make a real impact on people’s lives.
26 July 2018

6 reasons to study public health

With over 2,000 public health students graduating in Australia each year, the job market is as competitive as ever. Stand out from the crowd with a Master of Public Health at the University of Sydney.
25 July 2018

USYD pharmacist: how I became a senior product manager

William Pastega is a Sydney Pharmacy School graduate working in the pharmaceutical industry. He manages the Novartis ophthalmology portfolio worth $100 million each year.
24 July 2018

The graduation event that was 60 years in the making

The University of Sydney School of Dentistry recently held a graduation celebration for Dr Bruce Morris, presenting him with his testamur and medal from 1958.
20 July 2018

Sydney Nursing School unveils portrait honouring former Dean Professor Jill White

Members of the Sydney Nursing School and greater university community honoured the former Dean with a portrait unveiling this week.

13 July 2018

Celebrating our partnership with Sydney Local Health District

The collaboration between the University and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPA) ­– a premier teaching hospital of Sydney Local Health District – is one of the most significant health-related partnerships in NSW history.
13 July 2018

Could The Handmaid's Tale come true?

Many of us share a quiet fear that the world is spiraling out of control, so when parallels can be drawn between the fictional world of Gilead and our present day, we’re left to question – could The Handmaid’s Tale come true?
10 July 2018

The legacy of a gentleman: supporting young dentists

The Armin Roth Scholarship honours the memory of a long-time supporter of the University of Sydney School of Dentistry, and will assist promising dentistry students.
04 July 2018

Exploring patient-centred pathways for mental health care

Associate Professor Jennifer Smith-Merry, an advocate for patient-centred healthcare, has developed recommendations to help improve mental health services based on individual needs.
03 July 2018

Could dentists check oral health over the phone?

Researchers from the University of Sydney School of Dentistry are collaborating on a national project that will determine if it is clinically and cost effective to screen school children using a smartphone camera.