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The University of Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical School

A hub of education and research in NSW's largest private hospital
Gain valuable clinical experience across medicine, physiotherapy, pharmacy and allied health at the largest private and not-for-profit hospital in NSW.

About the Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical School

We are an inter-professional, multidisciplinary teaching hospital within the Sydney Medical School based at the Sydney Adventist Hospital on Sydney's north shore in Wahroonga. Our breadth of education extends from medical student teaching to the early postgraduate years (eg interns) as well as specialist training programs (eg registrars).

Our students have the opportunity to observe and learn about a clinical caseload that differs in important ways from the contemporary caseload in large public-sector teaching hospitals. In particular, students will be exposed to common conditions and procedures that have moved to the private sector as a consequence of changes in the Australian health system over the last decade (for instance, 60% of all surgical procedures and 98% of specialist dermatology activity are now conducted in the private sector). 

We are constantly asking, 'Can we do better?' and have created an academic environment that encourages learning and medical research as part of day to day life.

Our facilities

SAH has over 500 acute care beds and an on-site rehabilitation facility. The hospital offers an extensive range of medical services, often with cutting edge technology and innovative practice. It is a not for profit organisation, meaning that any profit is reinvested in improving services. The outstanding feature of SAH is the overwhelming sense of caring that permeates every facet of the institution.

We offer the latest in services, technology and facilities including:

  • 23 operating theatre and endoscopy suites
  • three cardiac catheterisation laboratories
  • intensive care and coronary care units
  • a renal dialysis unit
  • day infusion unit
  • rehabilitation unit 
  • dedicated units for adults and children’s sleep disorders. 

Advanced technologies include:

  • Australia’s first X and X(i) robotic surgery unit
  • NSW’s first MAKO orthopaedic robot (enabling precision insertion of prosthetic implants for hip and knee replacement procedures)
  • the new state-of-the-art Hybrid operating theatre (enabling vascular and cardiac surgeons to do both minimally invasive and complex surgeries in the one space).


We regret to advise that elective placements are not available in 2020 or 2021.

We warmly welcome applications from international and domestic medical students wishing to undertake elective placements in our Clinical School. Electives at the Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical School are for a minimum of 3 weeks and, generally, a maximum of 8 weeks. While we do accept students for longer periods, long term placements are limited to a few students each year. 

Visit our placements page to find out how to apply for a clinical school placement.

For more information, contact Annie Williams at:

Ph: +61 2 9480 3662

Study options

As a leading multidisciplinary school we offer clinical training placements for medical, physiotherpay, pharmacy and other allied health profession students.

To find out more about postgraduate coursework and research please contact Ms Annie Williams at:
PH: +61 2 9480 3662

View more study opportunities in the Faculty of Medicine and Health.

Staff opportunities

We deliver medical student teaching training across four years of the postgraduate Sydney Medical Program.

Medical student teaching is very enjoyable, helps you brush up on topics you might not have looked at for a while and can be incredibly rewarding. It attracts CME/CPD points as well as counting towards contributions for Clinical Academic Titles (CAT).

Teaching occurs at various times through the week depending on the type of teaching session. It can include history taking, clinical examination, communication skills, specific lectures and tutorials on anaesthesia and critical care, simulation-based teaching, student examination, higher degree research supervision and other research supervision opportunities. 

In the first two years of the course (Stage 1 and 2) teaching is delivered across a number of blocks: foundation studies, musculoskeletal sciences, respiratory medicine, haematology, cardiovascular sciences, neuroscience vision & behaviour, endocrine/nutrition/sexual health/HIV, renal urology, gastroenterology/nutrition and oncology/palliative care. 

In the third and fourth years (Stage 3) students complete clinical attachments, which are blocks of time (2-8 weeks) within particular specialties. They also receive other forms of structured teaching such as clinical reasoning sessions and patient-doctor bedside tutorials.

For all teaching related enquiries please contact our Executive Officer, Ms Annie Williams, on (02) 9480 3662 or

Clinical titles are awarded to those who have made recent commitments to regular teaching or research activities and who will continue these teaching activities throughout the duration of their title. 

All applications, enquiries or requests for clinical titles should be directed to Ms Annie Williams at:
PH: +61 2 9480 3662

Our people

Head of Clinical School

Associate Professor T. Michael Hughes
Associate Professor T. Michael Hughes
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Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical School

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