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Facts & figures

Global leaders in pharmacology

  • 1883 Pharmacology introduced at the University
  • #2 in Australia 2021 QS Subject Rankings
  • #13 in the world 2021 QS Subject Rankings

Discipline of Pharmacology

Translating today’s drug discoveries into tomorrow’s cures
We are conducting world-class research and educating the next generation of scientists, medicinal chemists, pharmacists and doctors in state-of-the-art teaching facilities.

About the discipline

We are part of the School of Medical Sciences, and provide a vibrant and dynamic environment for conducting high-quality research and teaching. 

We have a rich history at the University of Sydney, with rudiments of pharmacology first taught here in 1883 in a discipline described as Materia Medica. Our staff and alumni have made many invaluable contributions to the field, including Adrien Albert, who studied and worked at the University of Sydney and introduced the discipline of medicinal chemistry to Australia.

How to study pharmacology

Pharmacology is the branch of medicine concerned with the uses, effects, and modes of action of drugs. This subject is taught across several degrees at the undergraduate, postgraduate and research level at the University of Sydney.

Undergraduate courses

There are a number of ways you can study pharmacology units as an undergraduate student at the University of Sydney. We teach pharmacology units of study in the:

You can take a major in pharmacologymedicinal chemistry or neuroscience.

View the full list of pharmacology study options


You can undertake honours in anatomy and histology through:

Honours in pharmacology is open to internal and external applicants who meet the entry requirements. For more information about eligibility and taking an honours year, visit our honours page.

Postgraduate courses

You can study pharmacology units into the following postgraduate degrees:

Postgraduate research

For more information, please visit our postgraduate research page.

Our research

We have a strong and growing research environment covering a range of areas including neuropharmacology, pharmacogenetics, pharmacoinformatics and medicinal chemistry, as well as molecular, respiratory, cancer and clinical pharmacology.

  • Alcohol and Mental Health 
  • Australian Toxicology Monitoring Study
  • Australian Snakebite Project 
  • Cancer Therapeutics Research Group
  • Cannabinoid Science Research Group
  • Chemical Biology in Drug Discovery
  • Clinical Toxicology and TACT Program
  • Functional Amyloid Biology Group
  • Neuropharmacology
  • NSW Poisons Information Centre Projects
  • Pain and Drug Addiction Laboratory
  • Pharmacogenomics and Drug Development Group
  • Pharmacoinformatics Laboratory
  • Poisons in Sri Lanka
  • Respiratory Medicines Group
  • Respiratory Technology Group
  • Smooth Muscle Mechanics Laboratory
  • Synaptic Physiology and Plasticity Laboratory
  • Tick-Borne Diseases Unit
  • Transporter Biology Group

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